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5 Types Of Friends You Need In Your Inner Circles

Have you ever hanged around with a friend who is constantly turning every positive emotion into something negative? I believe you left feeling exhausted and mentally drained. On the flip side, when you spend time with friends who are positive, you are inspired to conquer the world.

But you can also ask science and you will know that people without friends are more likely to die early at an early stage in life. To increase your chances off living a long happy life, you must have a bunch of buddies but not just any buddy. You need the right friends and below are list of friends you will need.

1.An Adventurous Friend

The world is so big and there are several things to explore, places to visit, people to meet and experiences to be had. Most people are soaked with their usual routines they forget to live fully. This is more reason we need adventurous friends in our lives. They will pull us out of our shells and introduce us to new ideas, activities and philosophies.

2.A Honest Confidant

You need a honest confidant to tell you the harsh truth. If you are in a rocky relationship and everyone is telling you it is normal, then the confidant person is there to tell you that it is enough! Stop living a dramatic life because you deserve better. Friends are meant to be honest with each other. So if you find someone who is brutally honest, then you must hold on to that person because it is difficult to find people like that.

3.A Wise Mentor

There is a saying by Jesse Jackson that goes;  “Never look down on someone unless you’re helping them up.” If you have someone in your life who is inspiring, smart and admirable then you are very lucky. We all need someone to inspire us without making us feel inadequate. If you are around such a person, you will always feel better and challenge yourself to achieve something great.

Your wise mentor is not someone who has the same hobbies as you but someone who is steps ahead of you in life and has enough wisdom, knowledge and patience to guide you in the right direction. It can be anyone as long as you want to be like them.

4.Someone Who Thinks Differently

We humans were created to join groups and have different opinions from other group of people. But if you really want to learn and open your eyes to different world views, then you must be willing to accept views from people who have different opinions from yours. You can learn from mistakes and even learn something new if you accept opposition from others.

5.A Work Pal

According to statistics, the more isolated you are at work, the more depressed you are. This is a reason why you need a work pal. 50% of your waking hours is spent at work and so you can find it easier to share your troubles with someone who can relate with you instead of eating lunch alone all the time. Your work pal does not have to be your best friend outside work. It has to be someone you easily click with so that can find peace hanging around outside office.

If you have an adventurous friend, a honest confidant, a wise mentor,  someone who thinks differently and a work pal, your life is bound to be full of happiness and you will enjoy a life long period.

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