5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water

To most of us, our usual morning routine starts by drinking a hot liquid of coffee to keep our body warm. Usually, when we drink water, we prefer it cold but according to Aryuvedic medicine, it is wrong. When we drink water regularly in the morning, our body receives a healing and digestive power that reduces metabolic waste in our system.

Physicians however, acknowledges the importance of drinking warm water in the morning. . The consumption of warm water increases the tightening of the intestines, which optimizes elimination.

If you are fond of drinking cold water, it is advisable to refrain from drinking 20 minutes before eating even if the water source is from natural spring water.

Here are five reasons why you must start drinking warm water even if it does not suit your taste buds;

1.It Aids In Digestion

When you drink warm water in the morning, your body flashes out toxins so that your digestive system can be on track. Taking in cold water during or even after a meal will harden the oil that is dangerous enough to create fat deposit in the intestines. Luckily, you can replace cold water with warm water to aid digestion especially after eating a meal.

2.Alleviates Pain

Warm water is known to be nature’s most powerful remedy. It can help alleviate pain from headaches to menstruation. Heat from warm water has a soothing effect on muscles that provides instant relieves for cramps and muscle spasms.

3.Sheds Excess Weight

It is common for people on diet to be told that drinking a glass of warm water first thing in the morning will help them reduce weight. When water gets into the body, the body temperature increase which it in turn, increases the metabolic rate. An increased metabolic rate makes the body burn more calories and it also helps the kidney and the gastrointestinal tract function well.

4.Aids In Blood Circulation

When you drink warm water, the fats gets dissolved or eliminated. The toxins in the body are also flushed out as they circulate in the blood stream. Also, the relaxation of the muscles due to the intake of warm water eliminates poor circulation and blood flow.

5. Slows Ageing

Drinking warm water will prevent premature ageing. For most women, premature ageing is the worst nightmare. When there are toxins in the blood stream, the body overworks  which will weaken the body cells, but warm water can prevent this. It will clean the body from toxins and repair the skin cells to increase elasticity.

If you really want to see the benefits of drinking warm water, then take it every morning either plain or with lemon to add taste to it. Take note that the water should be warm and not hot as hot water can cause burns to the mouth esophagus. After boiling, ensure to let it cool down few minutes before consuming it.

NB: If you are on medication, check with your doctor or prescribed physician since it could impact the efficacy of your medications.

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