5 Things That Can Make You Look And Feel Younger

I am sure you have heard a lot of people saying that age is just a number. People usually say that to depict that age has nothing to do with relationships, physical appearance or even their character or attitude. This fact is not deniable as often, a person’s age does not attitude or appearance does not relate with their age. Appearances can be influenced by several factors and among them include one’s diet, exercises and cosmetics.

If you want to feel and look younger, check out these 8 things that will help you best to look younger.



Your exercise habit has an impact on your appearance. Exercise makes your muscles to be toned and it decreases your fat as well as expels toxins from your body. Regular exercise will slow ageing cells in the body which will keep you looking younger and healthy. Practicing yoga most often will make you flexible and increase your strength. Taking time to exercise at least three times a week will have a great impact on your physical health and appearance.


The Cloth you wear says much about you. What does your cloth says about you? It has more power than you can think. When you wear the appropriate cloth- the one that fits you, you look younger than your true age. So it is very important when choosing or picking your cloths. Add some pop of colour to your cloth and if you wear glasses, try choosing the ones that has plastic frames to complement the shape of your face.

3. Caring For Your Skin

How your skin appears will determine how old or young you look. If you have wrinkles, dark spots or laugh lines, then it means you are  ageing. Washing your face everyday will make your skin look fresh and clean before going out into the world. Once you start seeing signs of wrinkles on your body, that means you are ageing. There are  several ways you can eliminate wrinkles by using anti- ageing serums, changing your diet and limiting yourself to sun exposure. Some even use cosmetics. It is very important and you must be confident to take care of your skin.


One of the greatest keys to keeping a good physique is by keeping yourself hydrated. It is very important that you moisturize yourself by drinking plenty water. You skin needs to be hydrated and you can only achieve that by drinking plenty water. Having a glowing skin is a great look and it screams out loud as a youth.

While it is important to hydrate you skin, it is also very important to drink ample of water throughout the day. The general recommendation is that, people should drink 8- ounce glasses of water everyday. However, the amount of water you should drink will vary depending on your daily activities, height and weight. Drinking more water  will reduce wrinkles, increase your weight and aid in digestive issues.

5. Your Hairstyle

One of the first thing people see about you when they get nearer to you is your face. So it is important to have a hairstyle that complements your face. Hairstyles helps people to feel and look younger. Having a hairstyle that matches your face and frames with your face will give you an overall younger appearance than a hairstyle that does not compliment your features. Your hair color also plays a role when it comes to lightening your complexion. Your hair color should look natural. Stylist recommends that you add lighter tones too your hair so that you can add brightness to your face.

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