Beginner’s Guide To Starting A Blog In 2018

It is a great idea to start a blog but how do you get started? There is so much information on the web and people are telling you different things. Maybe, you should just forget it because it is confusing!

Wait! Don’t give up yet. When i also started my blog, i did not know anything about blogging. I was confused. It has been almost five years since i was introduced to blogging. In fact it was through a friend i met on college before i even knew what a blog was.

Now this blog is doing pretty well even though it is less than a year. There are about 10,000 unique visitors a month which is good for a blog less than a year. I am not a guru when it comes to building a blog but i do know the basics.

I will make this tutorial very easy and simple without using any jargon.

Reasons Why You Should Have A Blog and Join The Blogging Community

Before i dive into the steps of making a blog, i will talk about why you should have your own personal blog.

  1. It is the quickest way to spread information or news. Even though there are millions of blogs online, you can make yours too stand out and get noticed.
  2. It is the easiest way to express yourself.
  3. It builds your writing skills and makes you a better person
  4. The wonderful part of it is, you can make money blogging!

I am sure you are aware of that but it is cool to be reminded.

NB: Creating a blog can take some time, probably thirty minutes so just grab some coffee or orange juice and get stuck. If you need help, get in touch with me. I will help you at no cost at all. Just leave a message in the comment section below.

Do not worry if you have no knowledge of coding. I will use one of the simplest platform called WordPress.

Here are the steps;

1. Choose A Domain Or Hosting

Before you start a blog, you have a host and choose a domain name. There are several host companies but the one i would recommend is Bluehost.  Click here

2.Choosing Your Theme

After you have purchased your domain name and host, the next procedure is to design your blog by choosing a WordPress theme. (NB: Remember that Bluehost gave you an option to install WordPress.) If you have a programming knowledge, then the blog design will be million times easier for you. There are free themes and premium ones where you have to pay for. If you buy a premium theme, you own it forever.

3.Modify The Blog

Once you have your domain, host and wordpress theme designed, the next step is to modify your blog. You must set up a FeedBurner account so that people can subscribe to your site through email and RSS subscriptions. We must also create a google Analytics account so that we can track our stats.


We must use only few plugins on our site. “Google Analytics for WordPress” and simple Facebook and Twitter share button plugins. It takes a few seconds to install the plugins. You  can also check out some cool plugins like Mailchimp email subscriber and any other like a sidebar widget.


This is the main reason you are blogging. You have to set up very relevant pages like About pagge, Contact page, Privacy Policy, etc. These are very important for visitor of your blog as they will like to know more about the blog. The next thing to do, is to design a logo. There are online are venues where you can design your logo or if you are skillful in using Adobe Photoshop, then the best. The final process is to start writing blog posts and publish them regularly. You can attach free images to your post from Unsplash, pexels or the Library of Congress.

I have a video tutorial for you to show you a step by step procedure of everything.

3 Major Reasons Why You Should Not Start A Blog

  1. Money

If you are starting a blog because of money, then you are on your way to lose. Do not let it be your primary reason. It does not work that way. You must write for love and for joy and later, income will flow.


Do not expect to make fame on the internet right away. Not every site grows very fast. The domain name you choose can also make your site famous. You must write very well so that your content connects with people in a unique way. It will be ridiculous to start a site to become famous. With a little passion and hard work, you will gradually become famous.


One of the major challenges for blogs is to get readers to the site. Some traffic are not real. But however, you can make it happen despite the odds. People do it, Dailyhalos has done it and many several people have done it. However, if traffic is the main reason you start a blog, you will be miserable because it will feel like a job to you and you might even regret starting. Most people do not like their job. They are forced to do what they do not like.

Remember to write because you are passionate about it…..


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