How You Can Overcome The Fear Of Rejection

There is no moments when we do not feel like we won’t be rejected. We are shot down by series of “No”  when our expectations of a resounding yes backfires.

in our subconscious mind, we are programmed to be a mechanism of survival. Rejection can be translated to the threat of a dirty look from a co worker, losing a job or receiving an opposing opinion.

We must arm ourselves with mental resources that relieves us from self imposed mental agony. Our expectations of what life is really about paralyzes us from moving forward and pulls us out in the moment period of the present that requires us to be happy.

Do you know when the story ends? The story ends when we unconsciously tell our subconscious mind that life ends when we face rejection- it creates internal conflict within us. To relief yourself from the fear of rejection, you must see beyond this moment and what good lies ahead of you. Close your eyes and visualize everything unfolding.

You have nothing to worry about as you realize that life continues.

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