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How You Can Start Importing Watches To Sell Them At High Price

You can make extra money for yourself by importing watches at very low prices and selling them at a price above the purchase price. These engine wrist accessories match up with dress codes to raise a higher personality.

I will be showing you how you can start importing watches step by step and how you can get it to your door steps with ease. Maybe if you want to open a mall or a boutique, then this blog is good for you because, it will teach you how you can start importing goods at very cheap prices. For now, this procedure will train you on how you can import watches. I will cover other goods like laptops in a different article, an extra for regular readers of this blog.

Before i start, take notice that some goods on aliexpress may appear to be very expensive but actually, they are very cheap. It is very important to know the type of watch you want to buy and if your customers will also like the same brand. Once you have taken this decision, you can approach a boutique or a mega store, give them a sample of what you imported and once they agree to do business with you, they will ask you to get them in large quantities with payment.

Follow these steps below;

1.First of all, head over to


2.Look on the left panel of the page and you will see categories of products. The red arrow in the picture shows the exact place.

3.Click on Jewelries & watches and you will taken to different types and brands of watches. Among the types are lovers watch, Men’s watch, women’s watch, children’s watch, etc.

4.Choose the type of watch you want to buy by clicking on the watch.

5.You can select the the price range you want to buy. To do this, just look at the red arrow in the picture below. Enter the minimum and maximum price you can afford and all the watches you see will range from the prices you listed.

6.Once you have done that, click on the watch you want to buy. You will see something like the image below;

7. Select the quantity you will want to purchase and click on buy button. Enter your shipping details or the address which you will like the good to arrive at.

NB: There are options through which you can make payments. Select the most preferred option. I for instance, use the VISA which i think is very convenient. You can also request a debit card from your bank. With the debit card, you can decrease the chances of being stolen since you only credit the card once you want to purchase online. In other words, once you purchase, your debit card becomes empty and free from hackers.

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