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Are Flying Cars The Future Using Nano technology?

I am not a science student but when i came across the use of nano technology to build flying cars, in fact i really want to be a engineer. What does the future stand for flying cars? This is a very big question i will like to know and even research more into. I am trying to take a brief course to understand how nano technology works. But wait! Don’t flying cars exist? But will the technology be the same as used in building aircraft?

According to veteran developer and recreational pilot, Dan Kodsi, the future of flying cars is not so far away. Are you not tired of sitting in “trotro” or V8s? At least the introduction of flying cars will alleviate congestion of transportation and traffic. These flying vehicles will act just like helicopters but will actually be much more friendly. The introduction of UBER has really benefited the nation especially Ghana and various African countries like Nigeria and South Africa. But technology never ceases. The tech race has indeed gained great momentum and surprisingly have solved a lot of unmentionables.

My little research into flying cars using nanotechnology reveals that developers all around the world are planning to launch their flying cars. The drone technology is a typical example not taking into consideration, the aircraft. To many, this may look unreal but it is very genuine. These concepts once in existence will need places to land as well as take off. The power of the mind has unraveled  very great mysteries planted by God. The future is never far away!

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