The Greatest Lies That Prevents You From Becoming Happy

Once you begin to think in a certain way, you become your thoughts. If you believe you are healthy, resilient or talented, then you will become as you believed. But when your thoughts does not serve us now or in the future, they become extremely dangerous.

Sometimes, we tell lies to ourselves so that we feel better which eventually becomes our reality. As time goes on, we find it difficult to face the truth which becomes painful to accept.

There are some lies we tell ourselves so that we can become happy. These lies will make us comfortable in the present moment but in the long run, will only harm us and keep us from being truly happy.

1.I Will Do It One day

We always say it. It is very deceptive. “One day i will…what- start a business, write a novel. What a great lie! You will one day wake up and realize that there is no more time left for you to do any thing. Even you do not know the few days you have left on the planet, earth. Let your wheels roll and do it now. This moment is all you have gotten.

2.If i had time, I will do it

If only time can be located, then it will be exhausted by now. We always use time as the victim for not doing several things. Talking about the prayer, exercise, swimming practice, listening to your podcast, reading? What about carrying a book in your bag to read, what about starting the business now? You need to step up!

If you want to find more time, cut back unnecessary tweeting,  Facebook and Instagramming. Spending less than 30 minutes on Social media will add a whole lot to your day and week.

3.If i could have x, things will have been so much better

If you are waiting for that moment for prize to get happy, then sorry to say that moment will never come. The love you are looking for, the perfect body shape, the pay increment. The things in your life now, has eluded someone else- they wished for it. There is no magic. The biggest magic you could ever get in your life is to show appreciation. Appreciation is enough for whatever you need. It will turn a lot of things into enough.

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4.I am not ready for it

There is no feeling that makes people prepared. In fact no one is ever ready. Parenthood, entrepreneurship, name them. We just begin and do it. That is how we get ready. Once you say you are not ready for something, it means you are procrastinating probably due to fear or you either not interested in it.

5. I am Stuck

There is always a way out. We always have a choice. Whether it is about getting a job, getting out of a tough relationship, there is a way. People usually say there is no time, no idea where to start or no resources. What they actually needed was hold on and keep pushing. You can get stuck but to stay stuck depends on you. Do not choose to be a victim. Will you prefer to hang on this lie than to risk turning it around. It may seem safe to be stuck but i tell you, it is safe to risk failure.

6.I am not good enough

What a lie! You are complete and very good. Actually, you do not deserve to do much to be rich and happy in life. You being alive is happiness and it is your birth right.

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