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How To Gain New Friends And Be More Sociable

In reality, it is very difficult to make new friends because creating a new relationship  is very tricky. If you want to pick a new friend you would have to consider someone you can easily connect to. You do not have to put yourself in solitude since having friends is tremendously important to our health and happiness.

The most friendliest people are twenty- something years old. Almost everyone in twenties uses some form of social media. They are open to meeting new people and sharing their life ordeals on social media for some kind feedback or response.

A lot of people who are in their twenties and thirties complain that they do not know how to make new friends. This is troubling because friendships are very important for our well being. Naturally, humans are inherently social creatures automatically wired to benefit from close relationship with family, romantic partners and friends.

It is very normal to have sometime alone but nothing can replace the value of close friendship. It is full of joy. It is not always easy to make and maintain friends.

Here are some practical tips that will help you make new friends.

1.Be hygienic

Smell good and looking nice will bring people closer to you. Take shower as many times as you can and brush your teeth twice in a day. Always use deodorant or a perfume.

2.Be Yourself

If you concentrate on your hobbies and other activities you enjoy, you will have a very good chance of meeting people with similar interests. Get involved in a course or a community activity to increase your chances of interacting with new people.

3.Get Close and Be Personal

When you start to know someone for the first time, and you want the person to get very close to you, you must foster intimacy by talking deep. Your conversation should not be about the weather. To make the friendship easier, each party must disclose something meaningful about himself or herself.

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4.Accept Invitations

If you are invited by someone to attend a program, consider to attend the program. You can decline it if however it goes beyond your comfort zone. You do not have to say yes to everything but you can be smart to know which invitations to accept. When you have more people competing to be your friend, then you can be more choosy about making friends.

You must also take note that if you decline several invitation offers, people will stop inviting you out. It is not because they have something against you but their thoughts could be, “He never accepts my invites when i ask him out so there is no need to let him know this time”. If however you are invited and you can’t make it, let the person know that you are always open to invitations but due to circumstances, you declined his or her invitation.

5.Keep In Touch, Hang Out And Grow The Relationship

To grow friendship to a different level, you must be in touch and hang out with the person regularly and have some good times. You will not have the passion to do this to just anyone but someone you feel understands you. Overtime there will be a tight relationship with some of the people you meet.

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