How You Can Face Fear And Lead A Bold Life

Several times, we allow fear and worry to dominate our lives. It takes away our joy, sleep and even our beautiful and great dreams. At a very young age, we are poised to push forward despite circumstances we face. We have bigger challenges to face in life.

Fear is a critical aspect of life. It is necessary for anyone to experience fear but welcoming it is just a way to overcome or conquer it. Several astonishing events sometimes sparks fear in me. For instance a close friend of mine whom i spoke to some few days ago happened to have passed away in just a week. Isn’t it frightening? Or you could sometimes come across accident scene and all that you see is disfigured bodies lying all around the road. How pathetic indeed!

Events like this evokes sadness, fear and anger and we wish it never happens to us or to close people we know of. This even highlights the reason why we must learn how to deal with fear. From the niggling fears we had from childhood to adulthood is what is weighing us down. where lies our courage, our solution to fear?

There is no magic answers to this. However, there is some tip. With fear, we conquer fear. In the wake of terrorist attack against Paris, citizens responded to overcoming their fears. People used the Twitter hashtag, “Porte Ouverte”—Door Open—to offer shelter to those affected by the bombs and shootings, who needed a place to spend the night, who could not get home, who needed a refuge from the terror. Come here, our door is open to you. It depicted fearlessness and human solidarity despite periods of fright and attack.

To be more mundane, how can we connect circumstances like this to our everyday lives? We experience fears we board a plane to travel, when there is heavy storms with thunder or even when we look at the day ahead of us.

Overcoming fear

It is normal for we humans to face these fears. Even animals also experience this primal emotion. The worst thing to do to an animal is to make it afraid. I think fear is even worse than pain.

Sometimes, there seem to be a simple solution to fear. For instance when you are abused, you may think that stopping the abuse will end everything but have you ask yourself if you have stopped the fear associated with it? Even with time, you will get scared of being abused by someone else. Trusting people again will not be like before. There is more work if you want to deal with the trauma associated with fear.

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Fear And Anxiety

Fear and Anxiety are closely interconnected. We get anxious a lot but that does not necessarily mean we get angry. During a job interview, you may feel anxious but won’t be afraid of the interview. Writing an exam may be challenging but not necessarily a threat.

How To Deal With Anxiety And Fears

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Anytime you face fears or you get anxious, do not beat up yourself. Don’t judge yourself and do not also expect to conquer fear in a breath- an hour or in a day.

Take Time On Yourself

When put too much efforts on ourselves, we allow fear to thrive. Be appreciative of the little things you do- take a walk of moment where you admire what is around you, smell a flower, take a romantic walk, drink a cup of coffee or watch an amazing movie.

Do Something Differently

Walk out of your normal life routine. Take yourself off auto pilot by shifting away from your usual habitual pattern. You will become anxious about this but it will make you more mindful. The change could be something small like changing the normal routine by brushing your hair before your teeth. Wear a cloth you have never worn before. Just do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. When it does not succeed, remember the first point.

Celebrate Your Victories

You may have small victories. Maybe you never thought you could complete your driving school but you did, You are scared  of flying  but you took a short flight journey. Pat yourself in the back or give yourself some chocolate.

Accept Help

Sometimes, the only thing you need is to accept help by talking to someone. Sometimes, it is just about inviting a good friend to share a meal with or laugh out together. But take this caution note: You cannot accept help from just anyone. You must seek a professional help.

Have Humour

One of the best antidote to fear is humour. As you go through life, you must allow yourself to experience stream encounters of humours. Fear will easily pass away if you have fun and laughter. Take away the broad grin on your face.

Help Others To Open Their Door

As we curtail our fears, we also have the opportunity to help others deal with their fears and anxiety. Even sometimes, the most fearful person can be of great assistance. Even when you notice someone’s fear or anxiety, it can be very helpful to him or her. As the world gets bigger and bigger, you will need more fearless and happy people to be close to you.

Sometimes it is just a group of people who just need to come together to make a great deal for other people in the world- for better for worse. In the moment of darkness, take a telescope and look to the skies for a star. It is only in darkness that you will come across the brightest of stars.

Transforming Fear

You can transform your fear before it harms you. Just like and adaptive behavior like eating and drinking, fear can get out of your hand and end up harming you.

You can take control. For instance, if you are scared of public speaking, you can rehearse and train yourself to notice responses which eventually will expose your weak point. For short, the safe way is to expose your mind to fears and train it to overcome it.

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