The Impact Of Words: How It Affects Your Life

According to the bible, ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’  A lot can be learned from this verse.

Let us take a look beyond this message. The word was used to create the world. Everything begins with a word. The creator is a word. Looking as far as the bible said in the beginning, Let there be light, and there was light. What can you learn from this? Our words and thoughts we have can make us and create our reality in life, meaning they are our powerful tool in life.

We must pick the best words to manifest something good in our lives. Words gives us a bold affirmation of our inner most thoughts. Why do we misuse our most powerful asset?

Choose Your Words Wisely

In our society, we talk about our misfortunes most often. Most likely, we are conditioned to hear people talk about their problems. When we put negative words out there, it becomes a reality. When you speak words out loud, it tends to become the truth not only to you, but to people out there.

Do you feel safe telling people out there that you are unlucky and unsuccessful, miserable or bored? It is time to be conscious of what you say. You have to be self aware of the words you use for yourself and your life. Avoid negative words like can’t, shouldn’t, won’t especially when you are using it to speak against something positive. They are like magnets that will strip you of the ability to manifest good things in your life. The moment you are about to use negative words, take control and frame yourself to make a good choice so that they have impact in your life.

For instance, if you often say that i am unhealthy,  you can turn this to positive by making a constructive statement like i am becoming healthier everyday. Words are like paints that you use. You have to choose wisely and use them positively for yourself to create realities.

Speak from Your Heart

Complaining a lot and using hateful words is as a result of fear. Anytime you are going to speak, ask yourself how are these words going to help me, how is it going to make me happy? The more you speak of fear, you will realize that your happiness will be at stake. Let your words be brave, lovely and must be consciously chosen.



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