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iPhone 7s Showing “No Service” Bug To Be Repaired For Free

Does your iPhone show a “No Service” signal when you perfectly know that your service is good? Well, there is a good news for you.

According to reports, a “No Service” bugs have started impacting on iPhone 7s and it has been around over a year now. Just this morning, Apple acknowledged the issue. According to Apple, a small percentage of iPhone 7s displays a “No Service” sign even when service is available.

But sadly, it is not an easy fix and a software update would not resolve the issue. According to Apple, the issue is from a faulty logic board that means that they will physically have to repair your phone.

The good news is that, they will repair it for free but if your screen is busted, you will have to cover the cost yourself. Currently, all iPhone 7 have a lifespan from September 2016 to February 2018.

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