How To Keep Your Android Device From Malware Attack

If you are an android user, then your smartphone or tablet is prone to malware attack. Research indicates that 80% of smartphones are unprotected.  Why is it so? The answer simply is because of the numerous arising money seeking hackers who are out there to capture data, passcodes and other vital information.

Unfortunately, the more machines we possess, the more aggressive these hackers become. However, it is very necessary for phone makers to address this potential issue. Until they do, it should be in your interest to secure your device with this few implement steps.


1.Avoid Sideloading

Sideloading simply means disabling your android security to download and run APK files. APK files are just similar to EXE files in the windows OS. It is not dangerous to use an APK file especially when it has been downloaded from Google Play Store. It is actually the source where it is downloaded from that is questionable.

2.Learn To Identify Fake Apps

You can apply the same trick you use to identify fake emails from fake financial institutions, like spelling mistakes, poorly rendered logos and names that do not match the official brand name like “Iphone” instead of “iPhone.”

Tip: Perform a search for the original name and gauge the app’s legitimacy based on that.

3. Be Aware of Apps That Do Not Have Much Function

Read the app’s review in Google Playstore to be aware of what the app does and says.

Note: Apps that demands your email could end up sending you annoying promotional messages.

4.Install A Security Software

It is very important to install a security software on your device. Major PC software like AVG and Norton have their android version apps from which you can use on any android device. The apps will remove any threat message from your device like viruses, malware and spyware. They also have additional benefits like locating your phone through Google maps.

5.Download From Trusted Sources

One of the best trusted source is from Google Playstore. It has an app distribution channel that scans apps for malicious codes and removes any malware it identifies.

There are lots of trustworthy sources as well. You must also be aware that malwares mostly comes from third party sites.

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