Ladies: How To Identify If A Guy Is Playing With You

Love is valuable. You must be quick to identify if your partner is playing with you. There are lots of manipulative guys who play around with girls by treating them in a nice way for limited periods. If you are a single lady, you have to be cautious of such guys because, they can ruin or damage your life. There is no denials that most guys are there to play with the emotions of girls. Do you want to know if your partner is playing with you or not? Identifying these may be tough for you but it is obviously not impossible. Here are ways you can find out.

1.He Does Not Go Out With You

If you have a guy who does not like going out with you, then it is one of the bigger signs that he is just around to play with you. He may fear to go out with you for reasons that other girls will get to know about you when you go out for a date. It is very good you catch this sign earlier to save yourself from being cheated or getting yourself ruined.

2.He Does Not Introduce You To His Family

If he does not introduce you to his family or any of his friends, then that means he is passing his time with you and not interested in you. If he truly loves you, then he does not mind introducing you to his family or friends. He is just paying around with your emotions.

3.He Spends Time With You Only When He Wants To

You usually spend a lot of good time when you are together right? But have you asked yourself if he is there for you when you want him to be or he has chooses to be with you when he wants to. If he spends time with you for his own convenience, then that he is likely to be playing with you. In either ways, you must not also make him feel the same way.

4.You Are  No Near Him On Social Media

The social media platform allows the youth, teenagers and adults share their feelings and emotions. He could be having several social media photos but you are nowhere then you must understand that you are of no value to him. There may be several pics of him with his family and friends but at least, you should appear in one of them.

Almost every girl is looking for signs if a guy is playing with them but they hate to admit it when they see the signs. It is very important you take notice of these signs before it is too late. Notice the signs and save yourself from being cheated or ruined.

5.You Don’t Know Much About Him

He does not say much about himself. If he is like that always, then you must know that he does not have any positive intentions for you. If you do not have much details concerning him, then it is time to move on.

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