Learn The Things Best Public Speakers In The world Do

Speaking in public is a great thing. Most people just hate the idea of speaking in public. According to Mark Twain, there are two types of speakers in the world- The Nervous and The Liars.

If you are a public speaker, there are countless of people looking you- some are waiting for you to say something profound and others waiting for you fail miserably so they can laugh at you. But the truth told, no one is waiting for you to fail. The audience in their default state want you to perform very well, a more reason they are there to hear you speak.

You might hate public speaking but you are doing it often than you think. You have an audience even if you are speaking to a bunch of kids or you are teaching something to a group of people.

Ask someone to volunteer to speak to about 50 people for 30 minutes and you will realize that just a few people will raise their hands- it is the fear of the unknown. It is these moments that you can precisely achieve greater heights and the most of your personal growth.

Abraham Lincoln was once terrified of speaking to large crowds. Warren Buffet was shy of eve mentioning his name in front of his classmates. Learning to speak to a group of people is part of success. How can you turn this feeling into excitement and elation?

Do Not Anticipate What You Say

You will feel stressed when you memorize what you say. Your anticipation will also make you worry about what you may have missed.

Presidents use teleprompters whenever they deliver speeches. But was used before the invention of these device? Our brain is better to remember concepts so it is better to remember themes, not monologues. Visual cues can be used to trigger them.

Practice Multiple Times

Professional speakers look very well composed in front of audience because they have practiced it several times and become very good at it.

Practice your entire speech at least three times before delivering in front of an audience. By the time you are at stage, you will be at ease and become more familiar. One professional speaker said that he will practice a talk 30 times before finally delivering it to the public.

If you are not prepared to speak, the feeling of speaking to an engaging audience can be very toxic. There is nothing rewarding than to hear one of your audience say that your speech changed their life.

So the next time you hear someone in need of a speaker or presenter, raise your hand.

The Power Of Understanding



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