How To Make Your Relationship More Exciting And Fun

You can be on top of the world from the excitement that stems from having a new relationship. As time passes, the relationship feels like it is going stale. But you can take charge of it as a mature person to keep it fresh and exciting.

1.Send Love Messages

If you are apart, send romantic messages to each other. This will build an anticipated passion before meeting each other physically. Let the message entail encouragement, love and admiration. Don’t be afraid to send some romantic message to spice things up.

2.Schedule Regular Dates

Regularly set time to go on dates. Most often, going out for dinner at night gets traded for watching television or sitting down on the couch which can make the relationship boring or dull. The dinner moment allows you to spend quality time as couples.

3.Try Something New

Try doing something new together as partners and you will get more excited. You can study a new course together, go for a golf lesson or try tasting or cooking a new foreign food. You will cherish this moment together as you desire to learn something new.

4.Establish Goals Together

Both of you can create the same goals and develop plans to achieve them. It could be a financial goal like saving some amount of money to travel for a vacation or it could be a fitness goal like running a marathon or going for morning jogging. This will give you a new feeling and make you feel like a team.

5.Ask Meaningful Questions

The type of question you ask your partner can set changes in mood. Your question could be, “what was your favorite color when you were a child?” or what was your favorite food at college? You can ask meaningful questions too about current events and feelings about various varieties of topics. Send your conversations deeper and try to get above the normal boring conversations like, what time will you eat?

6.Let Your Greetings Be Full Of Excitement

After being apart for a longer period, the tone in which you greet each other can affect the anticipation you had before meeting. The way you greet your partner can be a key to your long lasting relationship. Greeting your partner with a hug and kiss will express the joy of being together again.

7.Express Your Feelings In Words

Do you remember when you first met? Your actions ignited the passion for both of you but it was verbal interaction that paved the way. Sometimes, people forget the mushy things they use to say to each other once the relationship reaches maturity stage. Don’t forget to say “I love you” often and don’t shy from words that expresses how you feel.

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