mystery rock

Mystery Rock With A Cross Found In Ghana (Video)

There are lots of strange happenings in the world. Just some few days ago, a killer whale was trained by some scientists to mimic human speech and the outcome was amazing.

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Miracles keep happening all the time. West Africa country, Ghana experienced a surprising occurrence of nature’s miracle from a rock that had a cross on it with a perfume diffusing from it when water poured unto it. The ‘miracle rock’ was found in Gomoa- Ojobi,  a town in the central region of Ghana.

mystery rock

The huge granite stone was discovered in November last year. People were amazed because accordingly, the rock was blasted several times but its shape was intact no matter how many times it got heated up.

The black and white ‘miracle’ granite stone has a seemingly brown and red color of a cross on it. Reports indicates that, when water is poured on it, a sweet fragrance is released from it.

Plans by the government, Ministry of Tourism to move it to the Capital, Greater Accra was rejected by the chiefs of the town. According to Minister of tourism, Madam Caterine Afeku, the decision to move the rock was due to occurring explosions at the site.

Watch the video: Miracle Rock Found In Ojobi, Ghana

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