Reasons Why Women Hate These 7 Compliments

I have often hear  women say that they wish men will compliment them more. I also heard fro another lady who said that sometimes when men shower their compliment, it comes across as insults. It seems to be odd given that these women refer to well- educated and successful brought- up men. Below are some top compliments women hate to hear.

1.You Look Cute

Cute is a word that is used for new born babies or for a kitten. Women prefer to describe them using the word “beautiful”. It will be irritating for a woman you are trying to make feel good if you describe her as cute.

2.You Are So Nice

Women prefer to be interesting. Ice creams are nice as well as school teachers.

3.You Look Good

The word, “good” is used when your dog is behaving well. You can say “good doggie” but never use it on a lady you are trying to compliment.

4.You Look Fine

People usually use fine when they have nothing to say. It mostly comes across as negative than something neutral. It is better to say; “you look sexy” or “i like what you are wearing” or at best, say nothing at all.

5.You Look Natural

When you tell a woman she looks natural, she will immediately think that she needs to put on make up. You might be sincere with what you said but she will think you are finding a nice way to tell her she woke out of bed and needs to fix herself.

6.You Look Okay

That is even worse than saying she is nice. It sound nonchalant and negative. It is like scoring a c- minus in an exams. No one actually likes C-.

7.You Look Normal

No one wants to be normal. Normal is like anyone walking around so if you need a compliment for her, try something unique like “special”.

Do you have a compliment you hate to hear? Share it with us by commenting below.

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