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You will smile again (Coming out of depression)

I was thinking of what to write, as all writers do, and before I started typing, WordPress said share your story here.
So here it is, my story, which is your story too, and most people in the world. The last time I wrote something here, I was coming out of depression.

Now please don’t expect me to say I went for therapy, laid on a couch, with a calm lady asking me what’s on my mind. I’m not implying it doesn’t work for people, it’s just not the way I deal with my problems.

I read about some of the treatment of depression, depending on how severe it is, some people need therapy, medication, or a life style change. Well I didn’t change my lifestyle, I kept doing the things I used to do. I kept going to church, singing, I kept being around God’s word, even if I wasn’t doing the reading, I was hearing it and it was working. This wasn’t automatic I promise you, it was hard, there were many times I wanted to remain indoors with a blanket and tea and a movie.

Music was my friend, as always it is constant. This music by Integrity Music, Lord have mercy was really helpful, it spoke, it comforted, it was a good friend interceding for me, asking God to have mercy on me. I’m implying you should go find that music, I know you got it.

Ahhhhhhhh, as I type, I’m thinking about the bitter girl I was some months back, disinterested with the elements that keep me going in life, namely people, my world in church, talking to God.

Not anymore, I’m free.

I’ve smiled, and laughed so hard these past months. Just this Sunday, my Father asked me if I was happy. I love that question, it’s not the standard ‘How are you’ that you never really know how to answer, so you just say fine. It’s almost as if the person asking is programmed to ask, I don’t think we really want to know the answer to how are you most of the time, but I may be wrong. (By the way I told my Dad I am happier than I was some months ago.)

For those of you asking, can you get straight to the point? What was wrong with you in the first place, I’m afraid, you will not get an answer here, or even in the last blog I wrote about depression, a little bit of clues here and there maybe, you may need to read it for yourself.

All I came here to tell you is that you can and will smile again.

Some people go through depression for a life time, that sucks. Listen to me, the word of God is always right. Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of the world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Depression is not just what the psychologists term it, it’s a power, a spirit, a demon that likes to oppress people. You must wrestle it, by casting down imaginations, yeah those voices you hear within you. You do that by disagreeing with it, and for the best therapy, choose someone who loves you, choose God, he may use your family, your church, your friends, or a stranger in the form of a psychologist.

I’ve never had to see a psychologist, they can’t compare to my pastors, the great women in my life, they can’t compare to God, and he has always solved my problems. Always, I’ll always smile again, the experience will be painful, but I always come out stronger.

Choose God, and you will smile again, you will live again. You don’t need to understand how He does it, just believe he can heal you. He healed me, and now life has never been better, I’m so much stronger to face the other storms coming, yes that’s it, expect more storms, but what an amazing thing we don’t have to go through it alone, we have the power in God’s words, and the people he uses.

Lorraine Stitch

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