How To Stop Caring About What Other People Think Of You

When i was very young, i was always scared about what other people say about me. Because of that, i always had to seek opinions from other people before making a decision. Even before choosing the dress to wear, i always wondered what my friends would say and how funny i will look like.

Even now, it is going on. The thoughts of younger  ones are being manipulated by what their peers say. The feeling associated with this is a very big pull down. I know how it feels like. Because this was magnified during our younger stages, the fear associated does not stop there. It continues to follow us all our way through adulthood to the extent that it will even rob away your life if you let  it.


In fact, if you know how people perform, you will not think about what they think or even say about you. You can begin to overcome this if you fully get acquainted with this knowledge. It will help you to start thinking and acting in a way that is more true to who you are.

You must know this;

No human really cares

A lot of people are busy thinking about what others might be thinking about them. People are worried whether they look good or not, whether they are funny, whether they fit in or not. The thing is, we are all too scared of ourselves because we think people are looking at us. But however, the truth be told, we are absorbed in a way about our own lives to even care about the person passing by. Try and test it out for yourself anytime you take a walk to wherever place you are visiting.

Are they busy looking into their smartphone or looking somewhere else? Are they confident, looking happy or stressed.

Even though we tend to worry about what other people think of us, there is the tendency of shying away from making eye contact with the people we meet throughout our daily lives. The faces of people tells us a story about their fear and courage.

We don’t fear what others think because we do not know what they think. We actually fear what we think that they think. In other words, if it is confusing, i mean that what we fear others may think comes from our own thoughts about what we believe others are thinking about us.

What it means is that, everything is in our thoughts. If we focus on this, that is our thoughts- control our thoughts, it can really change the entire course of our whole life. So, it is an imperative to you to see for yourself that people are just too busy to care but the fear is just within us and can heal by itself only if we allow it to.

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