celly chordz

Video: Healing HighLife Mashup Song By Ghanaian Artiste, Celly Chordz

Celly Chordz, a young Ghanaian music artiste has raised her banner with a beautiful mashup highlife song produced by Sammy Qube, with the acoustic and lead guitarist by Gogoe. Being a proud music lover and local music composer, Celly Chordz literally decide to honor HighLife legends who made music so cool in Ghana.

In her Mashup song, Celly Chordz chose some HighLife classics in a mix to make it one song. The teaser song is one of the most beautiful mix songs ever recorded. In Ghana, there is a saying that, “HighLife Never dies.” With very young artistes holding on to this words, brings a spark that ensures that the HighLife Industry in Ghana is ever made more beautiful.

With an unbiased recommendation, the song is one of the best hiplife mix up! For a more personal perspective of the highlife song, watch the video, directed by Eddie Kay Mensah.


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