What To Do If Your Idea Has Been Taken

What are you supposed to do if you had wanted to do something and you later found out that someone has done it already? Maybe you had an idea to write a book with a particular topic, create a new product or even say something new but you realized someone has said it or done it already?

In this case, what will you do?

This is very normal for  most people. In fact, everyone wants to be original and no one wants to be seen as a copycat or as someone who rips off people’s ideas. How do you get past this?

Ideas Weigh Less

Ideas do not mean much. Execution is the key. There is no much out there that has not been done before. It could be a business, website, media, a product…. They key is how you execute. How fast can you do it and how cheap? Which audience are  you targeting?

When Dailyhalos was started, i knew there were thousands of blogs out there which focused on Personal Development and Success, Entrepreneurship, etc. Much was not focus on how unique the content was going to be in the beginning, but however, there is a bigger vision and i know it is just a matter of time.

It Is Good To Be In Competition

It is very good to be in competition because, it validates the market. You have to be in the competition. Can you do it with your own efforts?

However, it does not mean you should go and compete with top companies like Facebook or make a clone of Facebook. It will look silly. But nothing stopped LinkedIn from creating something similar. Nothing really stopped mark Zuckerberg as he was creating Facebook because Myspace existed.

6 Ways You Can Become More Creative

Steve jobs never invented computer, but he was an innovator of computers. As far as there is competition does not mean you cannot do what you want to do. If there are restrictions or patents, you need to work your way around it and just do it!

Even if there is no competition, to succeed will take time and work. You might fail couple of times but if the efforts and the value is real, you will get the desired results.

The only reason that should stop you you from going ahead is because there is no business sense in what you are doing. If it is your life passion and you can get your life desires from it, then do it and do not let the competition scare you.

People Need You

If you have the newest and brilliant ideas, it would not be long before someone else copies it. Sometimes, i when i want to write something, i later realize that someone has done it and in the exact way that i did it.

How can you be unique?

If you cannot, it is Ok. The advice i will give to you is to be yourself and do what you must do. Some people will judge you and say you copied. Just let them. However, if what you are doing is good, you must keep doing it because, the world and people need more of it.

Sometimes, i am influenced by certain people. I read their books, watch their videos and i realize it is the exact message i had.

Two people can say the same thing but one of them will say it in a way that is more understandable and makes a difference.

Let me end this by saying that your idea is very important to people. Never underestimate the difference that you can make in this world.

Marvin Abban

I am the founder of and i truly appreciate your time in reading this post. This blog was started because i wanted to assist people like you so that you can increase your potential. Feel free and connect with me. If there is any help i can offer you, i will do my best.



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